The position of the United Teachers Los Angeles on the repression and persecution of the Mexican government to teachers opponents of the educational reform, was expressed by the Treasurer, Arlene Inouye, during a vigil held on June 24 in front of the Mexican Consulate:

I am here on behalf of the officers of United Teachers Los Angeles, AFT local 1021, representing over 30,000 teachers and HHS professionals in Los Angeles.

As educators, we understand the fight of our sisters and brothers who are teachers and colleagues in Mexico who are opposing the neoliberal education agenda. We are extremely concerned about the killings and violence because of their opposition, and have sent letters of support to the President of Mexico and other government officials.

We are alarmed by the brutal repression of the teachers by the federal government.  Stop the repression and persecution of the teachers and the thousands of supporters who are demonstrating against the education reform.  Reinstate the 4,000 teachers, who have been fired for striking.

Free the prisoners- at least 7 teachers from Oaxaca who have been put in prison including Francisco Villalobos, Secretary of Organization, and Ruben Nunez Gines, Secretary General of section 22 and one former leader of sec. 18 in Michoacan.

Bring to justice those who have murdered teachers and community members in Oaxaca.

UTLA is also fighting against the corporate agenda and billionaires who are attempting to destroy public education here in Los Angeles and the United States.  We have fought against the imposition of standardized testing used to fire teachers, the policies that further negatively impact students in poverty in this country, and the billionaires funding of unregulated charter schools that will lead to the destruction of public education for all students.  We join in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who are resisting this corporate agenda, and defending their right to a free public education and the ability to function as professional and socially responsible educators.

We join in solidarity with all educators and people who are fighting against the neoliberal education agenda and for community neighborhood schools.



(Governor Gabino Cué, Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and the President of the Republic Enrique Peña Nieto).