ACLU Against Charter for Spurious Legal Claim

October 29, 2018 - por

The ACLU is defending a public school board member who was threatened with a lawsuit by a private charter operator for asking questions about the operations of a private charter school that was up for renewal. “The ACLU Foundation of Northern California is committed to fighting against spurious legal claims that threaten free speech. Especially when corporations and other powerful entities attempt to strong-arm people who have less resources at their disposal.” The threatening letter was written by Frances Teso, founder and chief executive officer of Voices College-Bound Language Academies, a charter school network. Teso was just awarded a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship. The Pahara Institute has charter school backer Reed Hastings, the billionaire founder of Netflix, on its board of directors. Kim Smith, the co-founder of the New Schools Venture Fund, is its CEO.