Difficult Battle Against Charter

October 8, 2018 - por

The Mountain View Whisman School District faces an uphill battle if it decides to fight charter school expansion plans under the state’s current law, some lawyers say. “While school districts are asked to consider the level of support from teachers, employees and parents during the review period, there’s really no teeth to it. Public sentiment is not a valid criteria for denial, Huff said. ‘It doesn’t really have any meaning at all, and it’s unfortunate, frankly,’ he said. ‘Even though you’re required to consider the level of your community support, the statute doesn’t allow you to use that for one of your bases to reject the petition.’ (…) Mountain View Educators Association president Sean Dechter urged trustees not to support the charter petition when it comes before them, stating that it would hurt the district’s schools financially and lower enrollment—potentially eliminating teaching positions in the district. He also cautioned the district about potential legal battles, pointing to the history of litigation between Bullis and the Los Altos School District, where it operates a K-8 school.”