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This Is Our Moment: CTA President E. Toby Boyd

October 14, 2020 - por

This Is Our Moment: CTA President E. Toby Boyd

E. Toby Boyd.

Turn the kitchen table into your voting booth and let’s make history together


It seems like every four years we face “the most important election ever,” but if we’ve learned anything about 2020, it’s that this year doesn’t do low-key.

This election will determine not only the next four years, but the very future of our nation. You could even say the soul of our democracy is on the line. We collectively stand at a crossroads to choose where America goes from here.

As a confluence of crises ravages our communities, we are weary from the seemingly nonstop struggle for our health, safety, opportunities, and our very humanity. We are tired from the endless work to reach, teach and support our students by learning new technology and teaching methods on the fly. We are spent from the crippling polarization that divides families and neighbors and tears at our social contract every day.

And yet, here we are, ready to fight for everything that matters, because we face another crossroads. We have the chance to reclaim control of our nation by electing leaders who see us, know us, and more importantly are ready to dream with us. Here in California, we can put our schools and communities first by voting Yes on Prop. 15 and reinvesting $12 billion in our students and essential local services that families need. This year those services have been in high demand as health needs and raging fires have challenged an already strapped system. And we have the opportunity to make historic progress for social and racial justice by voting for propositions that will reinstate affirmative action (Yes on Prop. 16) and end cash bail (Yes on Prop. 25), and by defeating those that would put more people in jail (No on Prop. 20) and exploit workers (No on Prop. 22).

In the midst of a global pandemic that limits our ability to cast ballots in person and puts even more pressure on our chronically underresourced United States Postal Service, even the act of voting itself is a declaration that we believe better is possible. Starting this week, every registered voter will be mailed a ballot for the election. When it arrives at your home, turn your kitchen table into your voting booth and discuss the issues with your family — especially young people who need to see up close what democracy looks like and understand why it’s worth fighting for.

Let’s write this chapter together to show future generations that a group of committed citizens can change our country and our world. As anthropologist Margaret Mead remarked, “Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Seize the moment, CTA family. Vote.