Upset in Arizona Against Charter

September 23, 2018 - por

Arizona: Columnist Elvia Díaz of the Arizona Republic says it’s up to Arizonans to do something about charter school gouging. “Arizonans are upset over state Rep. Eddie Farnsworth’s scheme to walk away from his charter schools with up to nearly $30 million of taxpayer dollars. The outburst of indignation and disgust is fitting, given that this is just the latest of Republic reporter Craig Harris’s stories exposing all sorts of schemes by charter school operators to enrich themselves. But now what? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to keep expressing indignation and merely wait for the next installment of charter schools’ sleazy financial dealings? This has to end, one way or another. And it has to come from you, the parent whose kids are struggling in crumbling traditional public schools while the likes of Farnsworth pocket millions.” For more, see Martin Levine in Nonprofit Quarterly, who gets to the heart of the matter: “The business of schools may be education, but this change is about real estate. Central to the transaction is the sale of four buildings to the new nonprofit organization.”